Precious Egg-shaped Jadeite, a Must-have for International Jewelry Collectors –
JADEGIA Presents its Stunning Classics in the New Autumn Collection

In the international arena, heavyweight auctions, whether it's Sotheby's or Christie's, individual pieces or sets of egg-shaped jadeite, have always been coveted treasures among jewelry connoisseurs. This year's international auction houses are no exception, as precious egg-shaped jadeite continues to be highly sought after by discerning collectors, fetching high prices once again.

Jade, originating from the earth's natural wonders, must be transformed into eternal beauty through the discerning eyes and skilled craftsmanship of the jade artisans, combined with delicate jewelry techniques. Moreover, top-quality jadeite is extremely scarce and challenging to acquire; it is a gem that comes by chance and cannot be easily sought after. This is precisely why the exceptional value of egg-shaped jadeite, belonging to the highest tier, consistently commands high prices at auctions.

JADEGIA presents its new jewelry collection for the autumn of 2023, featuring a special set of egg-shaped jadeite earrings and a ring. The main stones are exquisitely carved with an egg-like surface, showcasing the jade's even and translucent texture. They are complemented by dazzling round diamonds, skillfully set in a simple yet elegant design concept that exudes stunning grace and sophistication when adorning the ears and fingers.