Autumn Moon in the Cloudy Sky - Jade Colors with Grace –
JADEGIA's Circular Jade Pendant Shines with Elegance

The style of fashionable jade designs often includes common shapes such as oval, teardrop and marquise. Depending on the quality, color and style, they exhibit varying levels of quality and beauty. However, in the world of jade, there exists another unique aesthetic context that can particularly showcase a wider range of jade colors and an elegant charm.

JADEGIA, with its circular or round-shaped jade jewelry, similar in size to a bracelet centerpiece, presents the pure beauty of jade in its smooth and unadorned appearance. The JADEGIA Circular Jade Pendant series interprets elegance and charm, exuding both a sense of luxury and the profound meaning of completeness and happiness.

The JADEGIA Circular Jade Pendant series shapes jade into a round disc, with a smooth jade surface that may appear ethereal like clouds or mist, or resemble green waves and haze, with varying degrees of light and depth, concealing endless variations. This series presents jade in its original form, without carved patterns and enhances it slightly to accentuate its natural qualities and colors, creating a series of naturally exquisite artworks that are abstract and poetic in their beauty.