Spring Breeze Brushes Past, Swinging in a Brilliant Time
Jadegia's New Jadeite Collection Debuts in Colorful Splendor

The impression of spring always brings a colorful and vibrant beauty, with a joyful rhythmic feeling! Spring jewelry should also have such a beautiful rhythm.

Jadegia's 2024 Spring New Collection interprets the richness and rhythm of spring through jadeite, presenting a series of jadeite pendant earrings. This collection features green, red, and yellow jadeite as the main stones, complemented by diamond accents and delicate jadeite beads, either round or flat, in geometric designs that sway with youthfulness and the beauty of fashion.

The new spring jadeite earrings are creatively designed, with each pair featuring different variations in the main stones, whether in theme or size, breaking free from the confines of earring design and showcasing lively and diverse charm. However, the combination of round or flat beads also displays a balance of symmetry and beauty. Additionally, the colors of the main jadeite stones and jade beads complement each other, interpreting the essence of spring.